21 May 2012 @ 01:49 am

Pretty extensive write-up on my experience with magic mushrooms a few days ago...complete with trippy images/gifs, just because. )

I have to admit that this was kind of a game-changing experience for me... don't get me wrong, I've always been rather in-tune with my spiritual side and have used various methods, ranging from meditation to drugs, to tap into it. But I've never had such a euphoric, affirming experience, something that just accessed so many universal truths buried deep within my psyche and underneath my conscious perception of reality. It was such an intense experience that I feel like I've reached an event horizon of sorts. A point of no return. I've decided to do more to consciously renew my physical self and tap into this place deep, deep inside me. My third eye chakra opened up under the influence of psychedelics, so I'm going to make it my goal to experience this again, and eventually without the aid of psilocybin and similar compounds. I'm curious to have more experiences like this one later on, but not for a while, at least.

Weirdly enough, the entire experience also alleviated a lot of my death-related fears. I've always feared a loss of self and have tried to do various meditative techniques and philosophical studies to overcome this, but the complete and total overwhelming, extended ego loss during my trip was euphoric and brilliant. I feel as though I experienced death and came back from maybe there's nothing to fear at all, as it was incredibly comforting and overall very positive. Then again, the pineal gland is believed by many to be both the true seat of the third eye chakra and the origin of near-death experiences by way of hallucinations/visions, so there's clearly some connection there. The fact that so many world belief systems place importance on the same concept and physical gland location must mean something. It's why I tend to think that all spiritual beliefs and belief systems in general meet in the middle and have a common origin.

You can read an interesting article on the functions and theological interpretations of pineal gland activity here. Pretty neat stuff.