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Snowpiercer (2013, SK)

Snowpiercer is an American-marketed, South Korean-produced adaptation of a French graphic novel published in the early 1980s. And boy does it ever feel like it. (But in a good way.)

What begins as a class-warfare fueled, post-apocalyptic vision of an environmentally compromised Earth--on a train!- quickly develops into a commentary on human progress, the purpose of social order, and the things we sacrifice as intelligent animals for the spoils of existence. But despite the death of the protagonists and antagonists alike by the end of the film, it ends on a hopeful note and shows the virtues of a new, youthful future that humans are always willing to strive for against major odds.

Major point of interest: apparently the original graphic novel, titled Le Transperceneige, didn't really feature all that much class conflict. Rather, the main driving force of its plot was largely based on scarcity politics rather than class control. Pretty interesting and topical update, I have to say.

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