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Samsara (2011, US)

“Samsara”, like its predecessor “Baraka”, is a beautifully filmed, stunning glimpse into the world around us. It’s frenetic and non-narrative and a true labor of love by Ron Fricke, who pieced it together over the course of years. Fricke himself describes it (and presumably “Baraka” as well) as “apolitical”, which is not necessarily something I agree with, but it’s captivating regardless and you’ll find yourself not caring about some of the heavy-handedness. It’s truly awesome in the old sense of the word.

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i love this movie. i think it was the first time i ever really saw anything quite like it
( i've never seen ' baraka ' ) i ended up of playing netflix roulette one day, and sort of hit the jackpot.

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a local film festival sounds fun. it's funny how that sort of thing
never really occurs to me.

yeah, i'm really glad you mentioned baraka, because i'd forgotten
i found it it online just now though, & i'll be sure to watch it soon!