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Tickled (2016, US/NZ)

If this movie's playing in your area, please go see it. But don't do a whole lot of research beforehand; it's far better going in if you know less. You'll doubtlessly be inspired to do a lot of snooping and googling once it's over.

It's a very well-made and balanced documentary concerning a subject that is, to say the least, a little outside the mainstream. I certainly didn't expect to get sucked into a documentary dealing with competitive tickling fetishes. But oh man, it's about so much more than that. What begins as a rather innocuous look from one New Zealand journalist (David Farrier) into a weird but seemingly harmless kink competition spirals out into a gigantic web of false identities, online bullying, blackmail, and far-reaching global chicanery. At one point even the White House gets involved. Truth is stranger than fiction. A lot stranger.

Farrier and co. actually got the film (and their international snooping) funded via Kickstarter. Stephen Fry, of all people, wound up being an associate producer for it. Which is all clearly great since the documentary is phenomenal.

Also of interest: the subjects of the documentary, and other assorted people who have been paid off, are attending screenings of this and heckling and 'truth telling' about the content of the film. So people are actually going to these showings to stand up at various points and accuse the documentarian of lying and promoting dishonest material. If I'd known that beforehand I only would have gotten to the theater faster. Farrier is still receiving cease and desist letters and legal threats over this. It's completely wild.

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