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Tangerine (2015, US)

'Tangerine' is a kinda gross late night comedy with a silly premise which nevertheless feels like a labor of love. Probably because the people contributing to it--at least the actresses--are actually trans and at least one of them has experience with sex work. Sure, it has 'low' production values... I say 'low' because it was filmed on an iPhone, which is impressive enough in itself to make the entire conversation on it regarding film tech kind of irrelevant. So, yeah. It was filmed on someone's phone using apps and camera embellishments. That's amazing.

More or less, it’s a slice-of-life film with some heartbreaking moments, some funny moments, and a lot of over-the-top gratuity in between. I’ll take a low-budget, zany stoner trans comedy over basically every Hollywood-backed "transgender" film ever made, all put together.

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